Technical Focus

  • Gain familiarity with ski equipment and sliding on the snow progressing to increasing a child's execution of the fundamental skiing skills through participation in Snow Stars at a local ski club.
  • Improve a child's ability to stop and turn on skis in a variety of environments. 
  • Encourage children to skate on their skis over flatter terrain. 
  • Encourage children to feel the front tongue of both boots to create shin pressure by flexing both ankles while keeping their hip and hand position forward with their knees driving towards the snow. 
  • Control speed through turning and the use of different turn shapes on all types of terrain. 
  • Ski with parallel skis on flatter terrain "French fries" with slightly faster speeds. 
  • At the end of the gliding start stage, skis should be parallel throughout the turn on all types of terrain and snow conditions with the majority of the child's weight directed to the outside ski.
  • Children should be encouraged to practice transferring their weight from outside ski to outside ski as they begin to carve from turn to turn.   


In the winter months, children should strive to attain as many days on snow by participating in an introductory structured ski program and skiing with parents as often as possible to increase mileage. Parents should seek to take children out to ski in good weather, to a place with easy access and has a good learning area for young children. 

Tactical Focus

  • Have fun while skiing and gaining confidence on skis.
  • Emphasis is on having fun while beginning to explore the whole mountain through skiing in various terrain and snow conditions.
  • Use cones or brushes as simple turn markers in the snow for children to ski around.
  • Practice tucking on flat ground as a fun activity.
  • Practice jumping, hopping, ducking. 
  • Ski over side hills, through gullies, roller, and small terrain park features to develop physical literacy.

Level 1 - The Controlled Skier

 PDF: Snow Stars Level 1

Level 2 - The Parallel Skier

   PDF: Snow Stars Level 2

Level 3 - The Mobile Skier

 PDF: Snow Stars Level 3