Ski Cross Considerations

Key Focus

The focus at this stage is on the children developing a foundation, by means of mileage on snow through a ski school or club program and skiing with parents. 

Age Range 

4 to 6 years of age.

Ski Cross Performance Benchmark

Children should be acquiring their skiing skills through participation in the Snow Stars program. They will begin to consolidate their skiing skills in Levels 1 - 3 in a variety of terrain environments that match the appropriate challenge level for the individual child. 

Ski Cross Course & Terrain Park Feature Size Recommendations

Children should begin to explore the small features in terrain parks, and more modest ski cross course terrain features such as bank turns, rollers and small jumps where children leave the ground for very short time periods with very little height. Initially, children should keep their skis on the snow when rolling over and through small terrain features to experience the feeling of “weightlessness”.