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  • Have fun, stay fit, compete, and enjoy social interactions.
  • Enjoyment of physical activity to maintain fitness for life. Includes all physical activity that promotes the maintenance of fitness including hiking, yoga, aerobics, strength training, skiing and cycling, as well as non-organized sport (self-determined rules). 
  • Continue training to maintain endurance, strength, and mobility. 
  • Competitive for life through recreational racing or Masters racing. 
  • Continued participation in ski racing as coaches, volunteers, administrators or officials.
  • Enter a sport-related career as a ski patrol, mountain guide or ski resort manager.
  • Share your passion for skiing with family and friends; ski for the soul. 

ACA LTAD Training and Competition Focus Matrix

ACA LTAD Training and Competition Volume Matrix

ACA LTAD  SX Progression Matrix

ACA LTAD Para-Alpine Progression Matrix

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