ACA-CSC Webinar Series 

ACA-CSC provides educational webinars for our ACA-CSC registered coaches throughout the year. The links below are representative of some of the webinars provided by ACA-CSC for registered coaches. Visit the ACA-CSC Snow Reg platform for more information on upcoming webinars. 

LTAD Focus 
Health and Wellness 
  • Dr. Katie MacGregor reviews the Alpine Canada Concussion Management protocol in this webinar along with reviewing best practices for returning to snow and competition.
  • Max Gartner reviews some tips and best practices that can be used by coaches to enhance their own professional development allowing them to best support their developing ski racers:
  • Dr. Shaunna Taylor reviews some best practices that can be used by coaches to maintain their health and wellness throughout the season:
  • Frank van den Berg, Director of Mental Performance for Calgary Sport Institute Calgary and Jennifer Stielow, Senior Coach Education Manager for Alpine Canada present an overview of the new Athletic Character assessment.  The Athletic Character assessment focuses on developing positive mental fitness in both sport and life.
Domestic Updates
Alpine Focus
Ski Cross Focus

Sead Causevic, NextGen Head Coach for Alpine Canada Alpin Ski Cross presents an overview of ski cross development in Canada. Sead's presentation reviews the sport of ski cross and training progressions that can be used with any aged athlete to promote the development of athleticism for skiing.

Physical Fitness Testing Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of Alpine Canada’s national physical fitness testing protocol presented by Alpine Canada’s Director of Sport Science, Matt Jordan, Ph.D. (c), CSCS. The goal of the new physical fitness testing protocol is to ensure Canadian skiers are developing ski-specific fitness abilities as they progress through the athlete development pathway.

ACA Physical Fitness Testing Protocol (pdf)

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