Coach Licensing 

Alpine Canada and the ACA-CSC require coaches who are actively coaching in the current season to complete annual professional development to maintain the required annual "Licensed" status. Coaches must first apply for and obtain an ACA-CSC coach license before being able to work with athletes. Coaches then apply for the renewal of this license every year. 

The pupose of the program

  • To promote continuous improvement and life-long learning for coaches 
  • To help reduce the risk of accidents
  • To promote coaching excellence at every level in the Canadian development system
  • To help professionalize ski coaching

Only coaches who are actively coaching are required to be "licensed" members in good standing in the current season.

  • Active coaches must be licensed annually by ACA-CSC. 
  • Obtaining the "licensed" status is the responsibility of the coach. 
  • The annual license cycle is August 1 - July 31
  • Coaches should be "licensed" before starting to coach athletes, supervise other coaches or implement programming 
  • The deadline to be licensed is January 31 annually. This accomodates coaches who are working in all contexts
  • If coaches are not "licensed" by January 31, the lose their "member in good standing status with ACA-CSC

Coaches are considered "licensed" members in good standing once all requirements have been met including:

  • Payment of annual coaching dues 
  • Sign the annual release waiver 
  • Sign the code of conduct agreement waiver 
  • Complete or have a current Criminal Record Check on file within last 2 seasons
  • Sign the Rowan's Law acknowledgement form (Ontario coaches only) 
  • Complete Safe Sport training (
  • Complete educational and risk management credits 
Coach Accreditation Level Educational Credits Required Risk Management Credits Required
Entry Level Trained Two (2) One (1)
Entry Level Certified Four (4) One (1)
Level 1 Certified

Four (4)

 One (1)
Development Level Trained Four (4)  One (1)
Development Level Certified Four (4)  One (1)
Level 2 Certified Four (4)  One (1)
Performance Level Trained Four (4)  One (1)
Performance Level Certified Four (4)  One (1)
Level 3 Certified Four (4)  One (1)
High Performance Four (4)  One (1)
Level 4/5 Certified Four (4)  One (1)

Clubs, regions, and provincial organizations can deliver professional development that counts for licensing credits.

For more information please review the ACA-CSC Licensing policy. 

ACA-CSC Minimum Standards


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Professional Development 

Alpine Canada and the ACA-CSC require coaches who are actively coaching in the current season, to complete annual professional development to maintain annual "Licensed" member in "good standing" status. ACA-CSC tracks annual professional development activity in personal records for each member in the ACA SnowReg Interpodia coach membership platform. 

The purpose of the program is:

  • To promote continuous improvement and life-long learning for coaches
  • To help reduce the risk of accidents
  • To promote coaching excellence at every level in the Canadian development system
  • To help professionalize ski coaching

A listing of professional development opportunities available to coaches and coach developers has been listed in the tables below. While the list contains over 175 different professional development opportunities, every club and/or region offers professional development opportunities at the beginning of the season and/or throughout the season. Please contact us via email: to review qualifying professional development opportunities. 

Professional Development Hosted by ACA-CSC Partner Organizations

Professional development events can be hosted by clubs, regions, Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO), ACA-CSC, Alpine Canada National Team or the CSIA as an ACA-CSC partner organizations within the skiing community. ACA-CSC provides an on-line management tool that assigns professional development credits to individual coach records. Professional development events are assigned educational (ED) and risk management (RM) credits by ACA-CSC depending on content and duration of the event. 

  • It is the responsibility of the event host (ACA-CSC partner organization) to manage the processing and recording of professional development events for coaches in attendance at professional development events they host on the ACA SnowReg Interpodia coach membership platform. 
  • Coach Developers, Learning Facilitators and Evaluators, are responsible for completing course and evaluation records; only completed courses and evaluations count towards required professional development for both coaches and coach developers. 

Professional Development Hosted by Outside Agencies

Coaches can self-report their continuing education using the self-report feature accessed from their member profile in the ACA SnowReg Interpodia platform. Coaches must be ready to provide ACA-CSC with proof of attendance and completion of the event for auditing purposes, ACA-CSC reserves the right to audit a coaches self-reported professional development. The event must be relevant ski coaching professional development. ACA-CSC will determine whether the activity qualifies for licensing credit and assign activities appropriate credits. To inquire or send ACA-CSC proof of outside agency professional development please send an email to

Facilitated Professional Development 

Evaluation Professional Development 

eLearning Professional Development 

NCCP Professional Development 

General Professional Development (Outside Agencies) 

CSIA Professional Development 

Policies and Procedures


General Policies 

Alpine Canada Criteria & Publications

Privacy Policy

Safe Sport 

Safe Sport Policies

CSA Coaches Duties - Appendix A

Emergency Action Plan - Appendix B

ACA Code of Conduct Coach Agreement Form

Safe Sport ACA-CSC Coach Screening Policy

CSA Ski Club Risk Management Handbook 

CSA Incident Report Form - Appendix C (updated 2019) 

CSA The Need for Sport Accident Insurance Policy (S.A.I.P.)

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Terrain Useage Policy

Coach Licensing and Membership Policies

ACA Coach Licensing Policy

Policy for Integrating Foreign Coaches

ACA Policy for Coach Accreditation

Coach Certification & Development Policies

ACA NCCP Operations Manual

ACA NCCP Transfer of Qualifications Policy 

ACA NCCP Transfer of Level 3 Certified Qualifications to Performance Level Certified 

ACA Re-evaluation policy

ACA Video evaluation policy 

ACA Coach Developer Policy


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Current Coaching Opportunities 

Alpine Canada, provincial organizations and local ski clubs employ coaches both on a seasonal and full-time basis. Discover current coaching opportunities at