CAST athlete James Crawford (2021 season) Photo - GEPA ACA Skills Combine

ACA Skills Combine

Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) introduced an innovative approach at the U16 National Championship in Mont Tremblant, QC, launching the first skiing skill and fitness Combine. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to underscore the significance of mastering fundamental skiing and physical fitness skills, as outlined in the newly established athlete development matrix (ADM). The Skills Combine specifically focuses on a curated selection of skills from the ADM rather than encompassing the entire range of skills listed.

This new ACA Skills Combine strongly emphasizes the skill proficiencies deemed crucial for achieving elite levels in ski racing. Moreover, it aims to enhance the recognition of the vital physical fitness attributes that significantly ensure long-term success in ski racing. By doing so, the Combine is a valuable resource for coaches, providing them with essential information to tailor training programs effectively.

One of the critical features of the ACA Skills Combine is its focus on practical assessment, particularly the importance of presenting results in a way that quantifies training progress and evaluates the effectiveness of training strategies. Enabling coaches to leverage the data gathered from the ACA Combine to refine training programs, ultimately aiding ski racers in enhancing their skills and abilities. The ultimate goal is to support athletes in reaching the pinnacle of success in ski racing.

Furthermore, ACA is committed to offering both coaches and athletes education, leadership, and support, including the facilitation of tracking results over time in partnership with provincial organizations. Such efforts are designed to foster a more collaborative and informed environment within the ski racing community, ultimately contributing to the development and success of athletes at the national level.

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