Erik Guay utilizing the correct ski set up for the pond skim at his Tribute to his career & retirement party at Mont-Tremblant, QC on April 6, 2019. Photo by Gary Yee Mont-Tremblant. Ski for Life

When you reach the ski for life stage, your equipment needs will vary depending on the type of skiing adventure you seek. Skiers use a lot of gear, most of it is highly technical. Before you go into your shop to get suited up this season, it's best to complete a little research. Finding the best skis for you for deep powder conditions, the backcountry, hitting jumps and kickers inbounds, coaching and racing can be a challenge. Each year ski magazines hold testing weeks where professionals test next season's gear and write reviews. These can be helpful in your search along with reviewing the individual company websites and asking professionals in the ski industry.

To reach the Alpine Canada pool equipment suppliers websites click on this link: Alpine Canada Partners and Equipment Pool Suppliers.

Always ensure you have tuned skis, properly fitting ski boots, properly adjusted bindings, a properly fitting helmet, goggles and other protective gear as required for the type of skiing you are undertaking. 

Caution! Some skiing adventures require specialized training and a certified guide. If you are skiing with a guide, they will be able to direct you on the proper equipment to bring for the conditions. Skiing off-piste requires specialized training and equipment and an understanding of how to best use the equipment. If you are not skiing with a guide, it's best practice to undertake a backcountry safety and avalanche course before heading out in the backcountry off-piste