Photo credit: Eric Giroux @ Panorama Mountain Resort Canadian Master's Championships. Ski for Life

Ski for life Competition

Every skier benefits from healthy, lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity whether the individual is participating as a Canadian Master's ski racer, coach, official or volunteer each individual is fulfilling their own personal desires to remain involved in ski racing. 

The goal is to enjoy competitive skiing in a fun and social environment!

This includes participating in ski racing and sports for the love of the game. Competition levels encompass recreational league programs through to national and international FIS master's ski racing championship events. The amount of involvement and type of commitment to competition will depend on the individual, their lifestyle and their desire to be involved in ski racing. Ski racers entering this stage have the ability to transition from high-performance competition to skiing and enjoy lifelong competition through a variety of levels of competition including local club races, regional races, seniors' games, Master's World Championships and FIS International citizen and master's level racing. 

The Alpine Canada Masters’ programme is a recreational programme that allows adult skiers to develop their technical skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle while competing with skiers from across the country and internationally.  Whether you are a former competitor or a new racer, the Masters’ programme is a fun way to enhance your skills on the slopes and be an example of the sport for life philosophy.

  • Training plans and periodization will depend on the performance level and goals of the skier. 
  • Training and competitions are based on intrinsic motivation and enjoyment.
  • Meaningful competition design is appropriate to the age, ability, and level of engagement of the individual
  • Development and maintenance of skiing skills, both in training and competition requires ski racers to spend about 70% of their time on snow training and 30% of their time competing. 
  • Course sets are simple and set both rhythmically and arrhythmically utilizing a variety of terrain.  Courses should test the broadest range of ski technique.
  • Competitions are available throughout Canada/United States and Europe. Disciplines include slalom, giant slalom, super G, and downhill. 

For more information visit the Alpine Canada Master's programme FAQ.