Age of experience:

0-2 yrs with the First Contact made with local CADS club or adaptive ski organization.


  • Teach the basic elements of skiing.
  • Encourage and create a fun environment.

Performance Benchmark: 

  • Basic stance and balance.
  • Basic mobility (moving and balancing with equipment.)
  • Balancing on skis (with adaptive equipment where required).
  • Sliding on snow.
  • Straight running on a gentle slope.
  • Stopping (terrain assisted, straight, then single turn to a stop).
  • Basic linked turns.

Note: Skill focus is on stance and balance, and basic pivoting skills. Edging is introduced not actively but as a result of maintaining stance and balance while pivoting the ski on beginner terrain.


Sport for Life - No Accidental Champions: LTAD for Athletes with a Disability (2nd Edition)