Photo: SKI Magazine Race to Win


In the Race to Win Stage, equipment is tuned and maintained in race-ready condition by a professional ski technician. Boots are professionally set up and tested by the ski racer in partnership with their sponsor company.  


While a ski racer will only run the race on one pair of skis, they will often travel with many pairs of skis that have been individually tested by the ski racer to ensure they have the proper ski setup for the particular race venue or event. Equipment setups are individualized and specifically designed for the specific discipline, venue, snow surface, etc.. A ski racer needs to know exactly how the skis will perform in each circumstance. Determining the individual equipment setups for the different venues and snow surfaces includes testing and properly documenting each ski set up. This will provide the ski racer with the confidence to select the proper ski set up for the specific race situation in order to win. 


Boots are set up professionally by a boot fitter and are often customized at the factory for the individual ski racer. A ski racer in the race to win stage may have different boot setups for different snow conditions and temperatures. 

Link to: Alpine Canada Partners and Equipment Pool Suppliers