“Build the Ski Racer” 

Age of experience: 4+ yrs.    
Take part in Local, Provincial and WPAS  races. Ski and loading lift on own. Comfortable skiing on all terrain.


  • Starting to identify para athletes with race potential.
  • There should be opportunity for the athletes to demonstrate this to the PSO and ACA. (i.e. race, camp, other.)

Performance Benchmark:

  • Understands ski  racing procedures and rules.
  • Introduction of the training effect. 
  • (periodization, dryland training, mental preparation, sport nutrition, etc.).
  • Fundamentals of ski tuning developed.
  • Confidently skis intermediate and advanced terrain independent with a solid understanding of basic ski skills. 
  • With direction, can work independently on skill development and provide feedback to coach regarding progress and development.
  • Can independently ski intermediate to advanced terrain in gates.
  • Carves the ski and balances throughout the turn.
  • Adjusts turn shape to suit the variations of a race course.
  • Ability to adjust balance, coordination and speed as required.
  • Refinement of basic technical skills and consolidation of advanced technical skills in free skiing and gates.
  • Consolidation of tactical skills (line, risk management, decision making).
  • Initiation to the Speed disciplines.