Age of experience:

4+ yrs.  


  • PSO and ACA work together to provide the best opportunity for athletes to excel and reach their potential. (i.e. through camps, races, other.)
  • Seeking to compete on CPAST may be identified as a CPAST prospect.
  • Athlete owns all of their own equipment.

Performance Benchmark: 

  • Accountable for their actions.
  • Understanding of being a self-sufficient athlete and can seek different funding opportunities.
  • Understands and demonstrates the training effect (periodization, dryland training, mental preparation, sport nutrition, etc.).
  • Fundamentals of ski tuning enhanced
  • Independently and confidently skis any terrain on the mountain.
  • Independently skis all terrain on the mountain in gates.
  • Can create speed throughout the turn.
  • Refinement in advanced technical skills and tactical skills in gates on advanced terrain.
  • Skis and competes in all 5 disciplines.