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Kitzbühel is here, and we all know what that means, it’s going to be a wild ride! Catch the fifth chapter of “Living History” with Helly Hansen, featuring alumnus Erik Guay and current athletes, Benjamin Thomsen and Brodie Seger.

The Audi FIS Alpine World Cup has arrived in Wengen, Switzerland, featuring the longest downhill track in the world. Catch the fourth chapter of “Living History” with Helly Hansen, featuring alumnus Ken Read and current athlete Manny Osborne-Paradis.

The Alta Badia World Cup, featuring the ultimate giant slalom hill, is kicking off this Sunday! Catch the 3rd chapter of “Living History” with Helly Hansen, featuring alumnus Thomas Grandi and current athlete Erik Read.

Women's Weekend at the Lake Louise Audi FIS Ski World Cup is just around the corner. Don't miss the 2nd chapter of "Living History" with Helly Hansen, featuring alumnus Kelly VanderBeek and current athletes Marie-Michèle Gagnon and Candace Crawford

The first instalment of "Living History" with Helly Hansen is here! Check out the Lake Louise Audi FIS Ski World Cup with our Men’s Head Speed Coach and alumnus, John Kucera, as well as current athletes Jack Crawford and Dustin Cook.

Mackenzie Investments Performance Series

Part 3) Mackenzie Investments Performance Series: Better Together “Everyone elevates each other, we feed off each other, and together we're better” – Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Part 2) Mackenzie Investments Performance Series: Better Together “There’s no way that any of us would be able to achieve what we achieve without everyone behind us.” - Roni Remme

Part 1) Mackenzie Investments Performance Series: Better Together “It’s always better when all of us are together and were working towards a common goal. It’s not just team mates versus teammates, it’s Canada versus the rest of the world.” – Erin Mielzynski

Watch the final installment of the Mackenzie Performance series, featuring 2018 Paralympic medalist Kurt Oatway, member of the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski team. Kurt speaks to his journey to success, highlighting the importance of his family, friends, and team members, as well remembering: “to not think too far into the future, and just work on what you can work on right now.”

As a veteran of the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team, Alana Ramsay has the experience to push through the ups and downs of the ski racing season: "A bad day is only 24 hours, when you get up the next morning it’s a whole different day." 

Hear from Benjamin Thomsen about the importance of being present in the moment, as well the strength and support behind the #CANskiteam.

Find out what drives #CANskiteam's Dustin Cook to push through the highs and lows of competition.

Canada's Ski Cross athletes talk about life as being a part of the team, and what it takes to be ready for each race.

Presented by Solace

“Every little bit counts, whether it’s how fast your skis are, how fast your suit is, it all adds up to get you medals.” – Reece Howden Hear from our athletes on the journey to the podium, and what it takes to hit your performance goals and taste success.

“This is a sport of hundredths. Every little bit counts.” – Jeff Read

Alpine Canada athletes were able to put themselves to the test at high speeds, in a state of the art wind tunnel before the season started and the impact is already being seen in results this season. Thank you Solace!

It's Ski Racings 100th Anniversary 1920 to 2020!

Take a trip down memory lane with Alpine Canada’s official 100th anniversary video. Curated by renowned sport video producer, Tim Thompson of CBC,  this video highlights the rich tradition of our sport in Canada, with authentic footage captured throughout the last century.

My Ski Story

In 2011 and 2012, Alpine Canada produced a video series called #MySkiStory documenting the incredible journies of some of our current and past national team world-class competitors. 

This video series provides an inspiring glimpse into the journey of our current and past ACA national team ski racers. Watch and listen to these short video clips where they describe in their own words their journey to the achievement of excellence in ski racing. Skier development is a long-term process, this video collection provides insight on how our top Canadian ski racers started in the sport of ski racing and overcame challenges during their careers in order to succeed at both ski racing and life. 

Alpine Skiing

Erin Mielzynski 

 Marie-Michèle Gagnon
 Mike Janyk
 Erik Guay
 Ben Thompson
 Manuel Osborne-Paradis
 John Kucera

Ski Cross

Ashleigh McIvor

Kelsey Serwa
   Marielle Thompson
 Brady Leman
 Chris Del Bosco


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